Honoring our Heroes

ePlus is honored to host a special event celebrating not only our employee veterans but the heroes—past, present, and future—who have selflessly served.

We thank them for their service and their contributions.

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An afternoon with Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger

We could not think of a more deserving keynote speaker to honor Veterans than Captain Sully. As a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, a retired American fighter pilot, Diplomat, and Commercial Airline Pilot, he is best known for his heroism as the captain of US Airways Flight 1549, which he safely landed in the Hudson River after losing all engine power.

Captain Sully and ePlus CEO Mark Marron will engage in a candid conversation, during which Sully will answer questions thoughtfully curated by our veterans.


As part of this effort, we want to give back to those who have given so much. When Mark and Sully conclude their conversation, ePlus will thank you for your time and participation by offering a choice of gift cards to support Veterans throughout the month of November.


We are happy and honored to have Veterans working as part of ePlus. This Veterans Day, we would like to honor our Veteran colleagues and their contributions to our country and our company by sharing their stories.

Hear from our Veterans as they talk about what they most appreciated about their role in the service, why they were interested in technology, how technology has helped them, what attracted them to ePlus, and how training has prepared them for the different roles they take on.

Veteran training program

ePlus is a participant in The Fortinet Veterans Program, which aims to facilitate the transition of exceptional military veterans and military spouses into the cybersecurity industry, providing professional networking, training, and mentoring.

The program provides the following benefits:

  • Professional networking
  • Related educational guidance
  • Interview coaching
  • Resume review and revision
  • Mentoring
  • Circulation of resumes among Fortinet and our partners
  • Military to civilian transition guidance
  • Program certificate of completion and recommendation letter


Sit down for a Vet to Vet chat with Joe Onisick of Transformation Continuum and Ken Gawelek from VMware. This fascinating discussion covers how to keep calm, adjust to giving orders, and solicit opinions. It will also cover how military life equips Veterans with a unique set of skills and discuss the ways in which these companies support Veterans.